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It all started in Fairbanks, Alaska...two soul sisters destined to meet and become lifelong friends. This podcast is in celebration of the BEST FRIEND relationship - a relationship so important, yet not always recognized for its massive significance. Leisa and Tamara interview other best friends to learn how they met and hear their perspectives on friendship.

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A little bit about Leisa & Tamara (a.k.a., Lettuce & Tomato) 

Leisa Reid lives in Orange County, California, is married to Mark and has a daughter, Ariana. When she’s not speaking professionally for her company, Get Speaking Gigs Now, she can be spotted at fitness classes like Zumba and U-Jam or hanging out at the pool. She is a speaker, 2-time best selling author and a coach for entrepreneurs who want to use public speaking to attract their ideal clients. 

Tamara Kindred lives in Missoula, Montana, where she has an art studio, chickens, bunnies (sometimes) and kids. Her artwork takes many formats such as poetry, painting, photography, chicken coop chandelier design, lyrics and much more. She dedicates her professional time to assisting local residents with their housing needs. When she’s not attending sports games for the kiddos, you might spot her out and about working at 10 Spoon Winery, volunteering at the Art Museum, or at the planetarium. 

How did Leisa & Tamara meet?
Leisa & Tamara were lucky enough to find each other when they were in 7th grade, growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Tune in to the first episode of the “How I Met My BFF” Podcast to get all of the juicy details. Once they met, they never looked back. Even though they haven’t lived in the same state since 1991, they have remained close throughout the decades. 

They both have additional best friends (some of them have been guests on the show). And in true bestie-spirit, they will continue to be open to new friendships throughout their lives. 

What do we think about BEST FRIENDSHIP?
We believe that best friends come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “wrong” way to have a BFF. You can have multiple BFF’s. You can collect besties along the way through life. They can come from childhood, school, neighbors, business, social media, or just completely by accident. Best friends can be your relative, your mentor, your co-worker, your boss, or your spouse. Like we said, there are no rules to how and when you might come across your BFF. 

Why did we start the “How I Met My BFF” podcast?
Honestly, it was something we had never talked about, but were both open to having a podcast (we just didn’t know that the other person wanted to do it). It was inspired by our 30-year high school reunion trip back up to Fairbanks, Alaska (go, Lathrop Malemutes!). That was the first time we (and Vicki - an additional BFF) had all been in Fairbanks together since 1991. We had So. Much. Fun! 

Leisa came back from the trip trying to see how they could keep the fun going. While Tamara was in Italy, the idea of having a podcast about best friendship came to her. She had the whole plan ready by the time Tamara got back. All she needed was for Tamara to say, YES (yay, she did!). 

What themes have you noticed after interviewing lots of BFF’s?
One of the questions we typically ask is, “What do you love about your BFF?” 

We are touched by the love and gratitude our guests have for each other. They cherish each other because they feel accepted, cared for. They have a deep level of trust. They could have fun doing anything or nothing. They crave connection and time to just talk and be. It’s truly beautiful!

What types of guests do you want on your show?
We typically interview women (but it’s ok if you’re not a woman). We noticed that there are lots of stories about male friendships (e.g., in the movies, tv, etc.), but felt like the female best friendship hasn’t gotten as much attention. And yet, it is one of the most significant relationships we have ever had. So we wanted to create a safe space for women to share about their best friendship and capture it as a keepsake. We consider it a love letter to your BFF! 

Great guests for our show have a fun or interesting story about how they became friends and aren’t shy about expressing their love for each other. We like to have fun on the show and create a space for conversation and connection. 

Who is on your dream list for guests?
Ummm...obviously...Oprah and Gayle! Jennifer and Courtney! :) C’mon down!

When do new episodes come out?
Typically, our episodes drop on Wednesdays at 10am PST. Sometimes we get busy with life and might miss a week here and there, but we’ll be back!